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Mark Ruthenberg, on vacation
Mark Ruthenberg, on vacation

I grew up in Ontario, and my family travelled to various parts of the US and Europe exposing me to a wide range of landscapes and urban areas. They also took me to many museums, art galleries, and art festivals to expose me to a variety of influences. 

On a family trip to the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario (just north of Toronto) I got to meet A.Y. Jackson, the last living member of the Group of Seven, who was greeting visitors from his wheelchair.

In Ottawa I took many opportunities to visit the National Gallery of Canada to see the techniques used by famous artists from Canada and elsewhere. My key artistic influences were the impressionists of Europe and the Group of Seven in Canada.

As a young adult, I painted with oils and drew with pastels, and have gifted various creations to friends who requested them. During my professional career, I got to travel around Canada, including one wintertime trip up to Norman Wells, on the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territories.

While travelling on business, mostly across Western Canada, I took lots of photos –over 250,000 so far–  many from the roadside, and these became the inspiration for my paintings and pastels (which often contained the road). In my web design and website work, the primary creative medium was my digital photography.


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